The feeling of playing NBA 2K22

  • NBA 2K22 has been released for a while, and many players have already played it. Many players comment on it differently, because everyone feels differently. Some players who buy NBA 2K22 MT may have a good gaming experience. But most players have their own feelings about it.

    When a basketball player enters the "zone", players will say that it feels time slowed down. Even if something does not happen, they can see and can clearly see the details of the opponent. The basket has become bigger and more attractive. The improved gameplay and the breadth of the content in this iteration make it more than in the past few years. near. Various ways can improve the city of MyPlayer characters, and the important changes that endurance can affect shooting are also included. Compared with 2K21, NBA 2K22 brings more fresh content. Players can also prepare some NBA 2K22 MT to enhance their gaming experience.

    NBA 2K22 has made some important adjustments to the action on the court to make it more like a more realistic game, the most obvious is how it handles the loss of endurance while dribbling. In 2K21, it's easy to run on defenders on the perimeter, hit Curry's slide, and throw three pointers without much effort. Compared with the CPU, this strategy is almost impossible to defend, especially in MyTeam, the player card quickly becomes very powerful. Many players will buy Cheap NBA 2K22 MT to get more powerful players. In NBA 2K22, players can still use this strategy, but the endurance loss suffered by players in sprinting and dribbling is more important for balance.

    As the players' players get tired, their shooting gauge will shrink, making it more difficult to hit the ball. This caused the game to initially look slow compared to 2K21. But if the players play under more control and don't just hold down that sprint button, they will actually find it easier to put the ball in the bucket because the shot meter is bigger. Players will also buy more NBA 2K22 MT in order to win the game.