What to do if you encounter an emergency when using the elevato


    Elevator is a kind of transportation tool for vertical transportation of pedestrians or goods, and it is the most used vertical transportation tool in modern times. There are more and more elevator factory. Generally, an elevator has a car, and it is customary to use the elevator as a general term for vertical transportation vehicles in a building regardless of its driving mode. As long as they are properly maintained, the lift is very safe. If calculated in terms of the number of passengers, the safety record of the lift should exceed that of other modes of transportation.

    In order to ensure the safety of passengers on passenger lifts, most countries and regions have specific laws stipulating lift safety and inspection and maintenance. Most laws stipulate that there must be alarm bells, door opening buttons and emergency stop buttons in lifts. Some lifts also have equipment such as help phones and backup battery lighting. Many elevators also have overload warnings to prevent accidents caused by excessive weight. Some lifts are equipped with closed-circuit televisions so that people outside the lift can see what is happening inside the car.

    If you are trapped in the elevator due to power outages, mechanical failures, etc., you should stay calm. Use the alarm bell or walkie-talkie to call the management office for help, and wait for the management office to call the lift maintenance personnel to turn on the lift. If the passenger has a mobile phone, he can call the lift company for rescue according to the telephone number on the maintenance company sticker or sign in the lift. Unless there is a dangerous situation, you should not directly call the emergency phone to request rescue, because firefighters take saving people as the first principle. When saving people, they may open the lift doors with violence, which not only increases the maintenance cost of the elevator, but also adds additional maintenance expenditure. Do not open the lift door forcibly when you are trapped, because the car is not necessarily aligned with the floor at the time, and the lift may suddenly start again. Forcibly leaving may fall into the shaft or be crushed by the moving lift, and it is normal The lower lift door is difficult to open with bare hands. Being trapped in the lift for a short period of time usually does not cause suffocation, and there is little risk of falling. Some elevators can even automatically move the car to the nearest floor with the power of the backup battery and open the car door when a power failure occurs, so that passengers will not be trapped in the elevator.

    In the event of a fire, you should not use a passenger elevator, including fire elevators, to escape, because heavy smoke is likely to enter the elevator shaft, and the elevator may stop at any time or the cable will be burned. You should use stairs to escape. Some lifts are designed to allow firefighters with appropriate equipment to use them to reach the fire floor during fire fighting. It is called a fire lift.