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  • 'Enterprise', the first of NASA's Space Shuttle wow classic gold orbiters to be assembled, was unveiled 35 Years ago on Sept. 17, 1976 to the soaring theme song and fanfare of the immortal science fiction television series 'Star Trek'. Members of the original cast (photo above) were on hand for the celebratory rollout at the Rockwell International manufacturing plant in Palmdale, California..

    For at 5 168, 50F you have a TDEE of about 1500. I briefly searched the web and found a point calculator AND 2 Live Strong articles stating 50 calories = 1 point. By that math you are eating about 1700 calories. Look down on casual games all you want but it hard to deny that Bejeweled is a great game. It the first thing I get every time I get a new cell phone and it has a broad enough appeal that my mom, my grandma and I all play. It pretty close to nearing Tetris levels of ubiquity..

    A disappointing result, said Dave Hollis, distribution chief for Disney. Have embarked on a branded tent pole strategy that makes big bets. But when you make big bets, there are times when you have results that are disappointing. Very pleased to support Waddell Media in the production of this chunky, story rich commission for Channel 4. Long form potentially returnable series are the key to sustaining and growing the independent sector in Northern Ireland and we delighted that C4 has given Waddell Media a commission that fits that bill. Salisbury, series producer for Waddell Media added:.

    The preliminary training squad comprises a pool of players who will be considered for the final 31 man roster traveling to Japan in mid September. Over the next several months, Head Coach Gary Gold and staff will use the upcoming camp in Colorado and Pacific Nations Cup (PNC) to make final selecti. Full Story.

    However, the only right that participants can exert on the takaful scheme is to disconnect their contractual relationship with the company in case of dissatisfactions. Participants' undeserved rights might be due to management prioritizing interest towards shareholders as they are the main stewards of the takaful company. In other words, one of the main challenges faced in the takaful industry is shareholders and management discretions, power and activities due to the unclear structure of the takaful operational scheme.

    Taking care of so many cats takes time. Rozzano spends about 13 hours each day taking care of her charges, with assistance from some 10 volunteers. "You have to do things as they come up or it gets out of control," she said, grabbing Wally, a long haired flame point found in an apartment wall, to treat him for ear mites..

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