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  • Of the 10K that make it into the game, by the wow classic gold for sale 30 day mark less than 500 are still logging in. That is just about 4.4% given the numbers on the chart. That seems like a horrible retention rate. It interesting that you mentioned the rude Chinese tourist thing, but that the issue, actually. We may call prejudice, stereotype all we want and in a perfect world we wouldn judge an entire population (especially when they aren even from the same country) but truth is, when you have a bad experience with a certain group one, twice, ten times, for a month, a year, ten years, seeing the same movie again and again with some exceptions in between, even the most well intentioned person will start to form patterns and judge preventively. It bad, is ugly, but it not exactly because of race and definitely not about you personally, it about the behavior of those who came before you..

    Moreover all the players won't able to access the private servers. Hence those players who have created WOW accounts in private servers won't be able to play against all the players. As a result they will lose the entertainment and charm in playing this game.

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