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  • Complimentary or Offensive?by Ingenira 7 hours agoGestures wow classic gold cheap or emblems have been used to replace words in many countries, and they are often specific to a given culture. Gesture may mean something complimentary in one culture, but is highly offensive in another. Generally, there are no universal hand gestures.

    This Friday, the Mercury will publish a special 40 page souvenir publication marking the Centenary of Anzac. It will feature our Illawarra Roll of Honour, containing the names of more than 800 who paid the ultimate sacrifice, as well as details on all the regional Anzac Day marches and services, a map showing the memorials to all servicemen and women, and a special focus on our Faces of Anzacs. Illawarra Remembers is a joint initiativeof Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama councils which brought together and shared the stories of our region servicemen and women.

    California's attorney general represents a coalition of mostly Democratic led states and the District of Columbia seeking to overturn O'Connor's ruling and uphold the law. The House of Representatives has joined them. Among the arguments by the law's supporters: Those who filed suit have no case because they aren't harmed by a penalty that doesn't exist; the reduction of the tax penalty to zero could be read as a suspension of the tax, but the tax's legal structure still exists; and that, even if the individual mandate is now unconstitutional, that does not affect the rest of the law known as the Affordable Care Act..

    Of course, there are a bunch of old quests still hanging around. You still kill nagas and furbogs and satyrs and water elementals and what not. The satyr camp was an interesting flashback for me, as I recall the quest line there being really difficult, or at least painful.

    So with swapping to LoD, do you sometimes end up holy power capped or do you just cast it at 3 5 power even though it won hit max targets/not overheal just because? I so used to it being kind of worthless, or at the very least only worth casting if max targets actually need it that I unsure when to use it if it becomes my main power spender by swapping away from EF. Is it still worth using just to use if there no raid damage going out or only a couple targets are hurt? Or do I just continue with my usual rotation and just let my holy power cap occasionally? I just about to the gear level where swapping to selfless healer is sustainable and it seems fun, just unsure wtf to do with my power without EF. Apologies if you covered that, it what I was specifically looking for after reading through some stuff on mmo champ and whatnot and I still unsure..

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