NBA 2K22 locker code and season schedule

  • With the return of Michael Jordan Limited Edition Packs to NBA 2K22 MyTeam, more locker codes are available. They often provided it with the NBA 2K22 MyTeam card. The limited edition bundle now has a new code. With this code, it is possible to get those new Michael Jordan cards or one of the other pink diamond cards. Other rewards include unlimited takeoff badges or clutch shooter badge packs or Buy NBA 2K22 MT.

    Besides packages and new cards, there is also a new season agenda. There are 19 in the first group of the limited edition. Michael Jordan’s new season agenda includes using his card to score 100 points in multiple games. This will earn 3,500 XP. Bonus Jordan Agenda needs to use the original owner version of the card to dunk 10 times in multiple games. This is 750 XP. There is a Ben Wallace Agenda who needs to get 30 rebounds in multiple single-player games, which is also worth 3,500 XP. Odom’s agenda is to use his card to get two double-doubles in multiple games to get 2,500 XP.

    All season agendas can be viewed through the “Home” tab of the MyTeam main menu screen by selecting the “View Season Progress” box in the left corner. So far, gamers have less than a week to complete the agenda of the first season of Call to Ball. Next week NBA 2K22 will bring a brand new season with NBA 2K22 MT and agenda.

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