There was so much player driven, created

  • For around 15 minutes, I was there to WOW Classic TBC Gold watch his entire set. Metallica, Nirvana, some other classic rock bands that I couldn't tell you off off the top of my head but we definitely heard on the radio. At this point, I am gazing at the audience of people gathered around him and what is that? The most devilish thing Lala ever witnessed. What's the deal? An M.Bison cosplay glamour. Wait are these people on the plaza moving through various poses to show off their glamour? What's the emote? how can I obtain it? The minion is adorable, what is it called? Oh you get that from a quest? No!

    There was an Incredible Hulk lookin dude giving one of the sprouts circles a craft class by the elevator to the Wench. Another DJ was playing EDM style nonsense on a Harp, with cats waving glow sticks.

    There was so much player driven, created and player-generated content going in my vicinity. They were not coming to Limsa to buy a few items and to go to their next grind for preraid BiS or buy WOW TBC Classic Gold the chance to get a rare mount. They were enjoying their time within the game alongside people who like doing what they love.