It's the kind of thing that could be a idiom

  • P.S to any possible WoW player that may stumble on WOW Classic TBC Gold this. It's not easy but it isn't impossible. The "grind", however, can make it seem more enjoyable once you've leveled up a character in classic wow/tbc. You don't have to spend anything additional to try the game.

    Edit: I went back to sleep and this thing went off in a small amount. Thank you very much Warriors of Light for all the awards and all of the encouraging feedback. The welcoming and just generally cool people of the community is what makes the game flourish. The reason isn't just that gamers get bored of blizzard. The game has all we could want from WoW game, and also a community that's friendly and stimulating. I'm not able to speak about all WoW users, but I can say that a significant majority of us appreciate you veterans being so welcoming and accommodating.

    It's the kind of thing that could be a idiom, but I've heard nothing like it before. A lot of Korean expressions speak of food as Korea was faced regularly with famines throughout the past. In essence, the meaning could be "Don't think about your worries, be sure to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold enjoy life as well'.