After taking all the above into consideration

  • The 200 formula scale a good fit for players and easy to OSRS gold figure out. To determine your combat level such as you must gain another defense level. It is also possible to examine the combat level of another player to gain an understanding of their stats.

    After taking all the above into consideration, I don't see how anyone could argue that 138 calculations for combat do a better job of what it's supposed to do than 200 calculations, particularly considering the present EOC system.

    A possible solution This editorial should be viewed in all its entire. Jagex will hold another poll to allow players to alter the 138 calculation in the event that the 138 calculation is successful. This could help to avoid the above-mentioned problem. The system would have to be changed dramatically. The calculation will be affected by hitpoints and Attack and Strength will need to be adjusted to ranged and buy RuneScape Mobile gold magic.