Madden 22's top 10 cornerbacks

  • Ratings of players can and often will change during a season. The initial ratings are released at the start of the season. Then, they are adjusted according to Mut 22 coins the actual performance of the player until the Super Bowl.

    Madden 22's top 10 cornerbacks and safeties don't include the Chargers

    In continuation of their enormous week of revealing for the upcoming edition of Madden 22, the Madden 22 team dropped the ratings for the top 10 cornerbacks and safeties.

    Oh how much difference a year can create.

    The Bolts featured three cornerbacks within the top 10 last year. Chris Harris Jr., Desmond King, and Casey Hayward. In 2018 there aren't any Chargers at buy Madden 22 coins any position. Three former players have left the team, and the oldest is no longer resident in Los Angeles.

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