A Test To Know If Your Window Hinge Need To Replace

  •   Experiencing Stiff Or Loose Window Hinges?

      Drafty windows?

      This could mean that your uPVC windows are experiencing failed window hinges.

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      Many of our clients experience drafty double glazing and gaps between frames. We can almost certainly diagnose your window issues over the phone within the first conversation. Our glaziers have become very familiar with replacing friction stay hinges on a daily basis. We have all the correct equipment to carry out the repairs swiftly and most importantly safely.

      Gaps in your frames?

      This is a sign that your friction stay hinges are most definitely in need of replacement.

      There are many ways to test double glazed windows with broken hinges.

      Perform your own broken/faulty window hinge test:

      First check down the hinge side of the window frames using a small card (business card, credit/debit card can be used)

      If the card can be pushed into the gap between the hinges, it means the hinges are now broken and faulty

      If it is difficult to push the card in between the rubber gaskets and the frame, this would mean that the friction stay hinges are in full working order

      Bedroom windows only opening at a certain angle? Maybe your uPVC windows haven’t had the correct fire escape hinges fitted?

      We can restore your existing frames by replacing the hinges. We can upgrade them to our fire escape specification, meaning you will get full width opening if needed in unexpected emergencies.

      We can also replace your existing uPVC window hinges with our easy clean options. This means a small button can be pushed and the window slides across. Allowing access to both sides of the glass, which can be cleaned efficiently and safely without having to use a ladder.

      We can also supply and fit child restricted friction stay hinges. This is a very popular service in bedrooms where parents become concerned about the dangers of a full opening window.

    As a professional building hardware manufacturer,we accept all kinds of window hardware orders, welcome to consult.