Advantages Of Tilting And Turning Windows

  • tilt and turn windows are a configuration, the content of which is described in detail below:

    Therefore, in a configuration, you will have a flexible window that can swing in the desired way. This direction can also easily clean both sides of the glass plate, and can double as a good exit window in an emergency.

    Tilt vertical window up

    In other configurations, the tilt allows the breeze to blow in, helps deflect rainwater and locks in place to prevent possible intrusion. Heat escapes from the top and air enters and exits around the edges, thereby promoting windless ventilation. In other words: when you are away, you can keep the windows open without worrying about safety or weather.

    Tilt to sideslip

    When you switch back to the locked position, you can also feel the multi-point locking mechanism click into place (depending on the manufacturer, up to eight can be locked). Unlike single-hanging, double-hanging or sliding windows, all of these are more likely to leak air or water, which provides further safety and a completely airtight weatherproof seal. When the window is in the closed position, you can also enjoy the uninterrupted view through a glass window, while the traditional two-piece window sash can separate your sight from the center.

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