Tilt And Steering Windows Provide Convenience


    The tilt and turn windows we produce can be tilted inward at the top like a funnel window, or opened from the hinge on the side. The inclined position provides windless ventilation and rain protection. In the turning position, the "tilt turning" window acts as a casement window, opening its entire glass area. With the completion of new buildings or years of operation, it may sometimes be necessary to adjust the doors and windows to make them function properly. Our multi-point locking hardware can be fully adjusted-left and right, up and down, so your doors and windows can continue to open and close as easily as the day of installation. Tilting and rotating hardware provides the ability to build larger operable windows without compromising air, water and energy performance. The relaxed design with large openings maximizes the field of vision and creates stunning spaces. In addition, the rotation function allows you to easily access the external glass for cleaning in the comfort of your home.
    If you need a sliding lock, you can also consult and contact us.