• Xbox Support is surely one of Mut 22 coins the best available to issues related to their consoles. This is just another example of that.

    Following initial news reports about Xbox consoles crashing in NBA 2K22, they posted the following tweet on their Xbox Support Twitter and Facebook pages, along with the follow-up just the other day.

    Although it's been a problem for a few weeks on Xbox, even more mention of the console crash started popping in recent times about players having some major issues when trying to specifically play NBA 2K22 on Xbox Series X or S as we previously reported ourselves a couple of weeks before.

    When trying to install NBA 2K22 on Xbox Series X/S consoles, many players have reported the system crashing followed by an announcement that states that the console was built to shut down automatically because of poor ventilation.

    It appears that there are not any ventilation issues for consoles, but some glitch is triggering it.

    NBA 2K22 isn't the only game with issues. People have also started complaining that they're receiving similar messages when playing Madden 22 or FIFA 22. FIFA 22 is only available through the EA Play 10 hours free trial.

    It's even more intriguing because this problem was caused by two games by 2K Sports, and two from EA Sports, which are all sports games.

    This issue continues to exist buy mut coins madden 22 a few days later, according to the Xbox Status page. It continues to show an issue with NBA 2K22, however it's near to being resolved.

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