EA Play Rewards for the month of October 2021: FIFA 22, Apex,

  • The EA EA Play program Mut 22 coins has seen an enormous growth since its launch. The program gives members access to hundreds of EA titles including classics like the Mass Effect trilogy and Battlefield 4. The service is included in Xbox Game Pass subscriptions on PC and Xbox consoles, which gives players more access to games as well as benefits. One of the benefits is each month, free content available in some of EA's most popular games that include in-game cosmetics, currencies and XP boosters.

    EA recently released the latest reward system in-game that EA Play players can redeem in October. This includes the "Ready Up Epic Outfit" that subscribers can redeem for EA's dodgeball-based multiplayer game Knockout City. EA has everything for players in October. EA is particularly focused on its top sports games, Madden NFL 22, FIFA 22, NHL 22 as well as NHL 22. Apex Legends players will also be able to use the "Ready Up" Epic Outfit.

    EA Play rewards for Apex Legends are usually neat gun-related charms that can be connected to any Apex Legends weapon. October is no different. The players have been able to redeem N7 insignias from Mass Effect and helmets from Star Wars. But the new charm is from EA's forthcoming shooter Battlefield 2042. Named the Ranger Weapon Charm, it is available until November 1 and is a charmingly small plastic replica of the robotic dog companion that captured the hearts of both fans and players in the Battlefield 2042 trailer's reveal. Players can access the charm by signing into Apex Legends prior to November 1 and accessing their loadout pages. The charm won't be available for purchase after that.

    Players of Madden NFL 22 cheap Madden 22 coins should make sure to purchase the Ultimate Kickoff Pack to complete their Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Team prior to October 14th. However, October 15 is also the day that brings two new packs for them to claim as well. The Most Feared Pack is the new pack, and it will be available from October 15 through November 18. EA hasn't made any specifics about what will be included in the pack as of yet however it's expected to include some Halloween-themed content by the date it's launched. The packs for free are a great way to assist in introducing Madden players to its Ultimate Team mode, and there's even an Introduction Pack that is available to EA Play subscribers to help new players start off with players and training points for Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Team.