please read the following detailed information for each pointer

  • Most pointer pens of this color are classified as IIIa or EIC 3a. These are called 5 mW lasers. However, whenever you get this kind of light, you will find that it may be lower than the above-mentioned light output. This is because the FDA sets limits on pointers that can be used for simple purposes. Other optical cables emitting between 5mW and 500mW belong to Class IIIb or IEC 3b. Due to strict legal regulations, these pens cannot be promoted as simple pointer pens due to their extremely high beam intensity. Similarly, a laser pointer of more than 150 megawatts can illuminate matches. Therefore, it is vital that you carefully check the product label and instruction guide. And you need to always be cautious when using anything. The following green laser samples are suitable for astronomical gazes and demonstrations, or used in activities such as laser shows where the environment is extremely safe.