Takeaways From The New York Giants’ 2021 Regular-Season Schedul

  • The New York Giants 2021 regular season schedule has landed, and from the sound of things, head coach Joe Judge can’t wait to get things started. “Once you first see the schedule, you get excited,” Judge said via a press release issued by the team announcing the Giants’ 17-game slate.To get more Giants YOUTH GAME with cheap price, you can visit giantsnfl.com official website.

    “It starts to become real in terms of not just knowing the opponents you’re going to play, but when you’re going to play them.”Given how efficient Judge is with planning, chances are he’ll have all those details ironed out pretty quickly. Fortunately for him and the team, they have a very favorable schedule this year even though they have back-to-back road trips at three different times in the 18-week schedule. The first of those three comes in Week 4 (New Orleans) and 5 (Dallas). Since New Orleans and Dallas are not too far from each other, it will be interesting to see if Judge keeps the players out in Louisiana for the week to cut down on air travel back to the east coast.The second back-to-back grouping comes in Weeks 13-14 (Miami and Los Angeles Chargers), and the last one comes in Weeks 16-17 (Philadelphia and Chicago).

    “The first thing you look at in terms of road games, how they all layout – the distance of the trips, are they back-to-back, the short weeks associated with it,” Judge said. “Then you want to look and see the division opponents when we play them. This year it’s really pushed more toward the back end for us. “You start looking for all the little details. Number one, obviously the first game, are you home or are you away. Where’s the second game? That west coast trip against the Chargers, is that after a home game or is it a back-to-back away game, as it ended up being for us. You start mapping out the best way to do it for your team.”Most teams like to fly home immediately after a road game, but Judge last year kept the Giants out on the west coast after a game so they could get proper rest. The team would then leave the city around noon, local time to return to the east coast. Whether it was by design or how things worked out, the Giants are scheduled to have just three primetime games this season, none of which will be at home.

    And that might be a good thing, as the Giants don’t typically fare well under the lights. But that doesn’t mean that the Giants aren’t an appealing primetime draw. This year they will face both last year’s Super Bowl teams, Kansas City (Week 8) and Tampa Bay (Week 11), on Monday Night Football. The Giants are 25-43-1 on Monday Night Football and 16-30-1 on the road. New York’s other primetime game comes in Week 2 when they travel down I-95 to face the Washington Football Team. And of course, if the Giants are in contention to win the division or if a juicier game arises somewhere between Weeks 5-18, the networks could always flex the Giants, who, for the third year in a row, are not originally scheduled for the coveted Sunday night spot, into the primetime lights.