Use the native Google Docs tool to see word count


    Over the decades, the ancestor of modern word processors - Word - has maintained real-time tabs and displayed word count on pages. For years, Apple's Pages, or the open source Writer project of LibreScript, did the same thing. With a long history and the ubiquity of direct word count tools, it would be great if Google Docs had one of its own. And without a doubt, students often faced with the requirement to write the minimum number of words with a sigh of relief, as Google Docs finally brought a new twist this time around.

    In a blog post early Monday afternoon (September 9, 2019), Google announced that it will bring a feature-rich and stable word count tool to Google Docs in G Suite. Assuming you are one of the qualified lucky users, you will find it under Tools> Word count> Display word count. When activated, the feature continually updates the word count in a floating window in the lower left of the document, as you type.

    When enabled, the feature continually updates the word count in a floating window in the lower left of the document, as you type.

    Clicking the word count box displays a drop-down list containing shortcuts to additional information, such as the page number and number of characters (both with and without spaces). If you want to know the word count of a specific part of the text, you just need to highlight that part with the cursor.

    You will find it under Tools> word counter> Display word counter

    Google wrote: "We heard that displaying this word count would be helpful for users working on documents that require minimum or maximum word counts."


    Rapid Release Domains (users who are among the first to see new features, when they are released in G Suite) can expect to see the feature starting today, before the scheduled release date. submission is September 23rd. Google notes that it can take up to 15 days for the word counter to show up after rollout.

    Advanced Google Docs users should note that the third-party problem solving has enabled the live word count function for a while (details can be found later in the post), but creating a Root tools are a highly regarded addition to this increasingly powerful productivity platform from Google.

    The tech giant in March brought Grammar Suggestions, an AI tool capable of detecting (and providing a way to fix) formatting and syntax errors, to all G Suite customers. Basic, Business and Enterprise. In addition, Google introduced a "revamped" interface to review spelling and grammar suggestions, making it easier and faster to detect and correct text errors.

    In addition, you still have some other way to count words is to use websites that support word counting free online. You just need to Copy text from document file and Paste it over text fields and get word count results instantly.