Because of the anonymity of online games and the fact that the

  • Because of the anonymity of online games and the fact that the objects of interaction are real people, many new forms of social problems have arisen, such as virtual treasure transactions, account stealing, and Xiaobai’s rampage. The biggest enemy of online games can be classified into two categories: plug-in programs and illegal servers. The former destroys the balance of the game and makes players lose interest in the game. On the one hand, they play a symbolic role, not only as a symbol of role performance, but also as a place for role activities; on the other hand, they are also practical.

    The appearance, speech and behavior are more closely related to social performers. The former is the external representation of the character, Champion of Cosplay  and the latter is the reflection of the inner quality of the character. The role performance can be divided into front and back stage. Pre-stage performance refers to people playing a certain role, and post-stage performance refers to preparatory activities before the official performance.One is the conflict that arises within the role-holders themselves.  Black Superman Costume There are several different situations: First, when a person's multiple social roles are demanding at the same time, it makes him difficult to perform and has a sense of tension in time and energy, also known as "role tension." Secondly, when a person's several roles are incompatible with each other, role conflicts will also occur.