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  • Most classic city bicycles use puncture-resistant rubber tires. Because of the high-quality rubber, they are difficult to damage during driving. It can provide a durable cushioning balance during riding. Another advantage of this tire is that it is faster and quieter than mountain bike tires, and racing tires are more durable and reliable.
    Every city bike is equipped with a simple wheel hub generator supporting the built-in lighting system. It is noiseless, reliable and low-cost in use. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and will not bring ecological harm. The hub generator can power LED or halogen bicycle lamps. The lamp has a built-in reflector and a built-in light sensor system. The lamp is generally installed on the fender at the front of the car.
    The fender of the city car is made of aluminum or plastic, and sometimes a reflector is attached to the bottom of the rear fender. The function of the rear fender is to reduce road dust splashing to the people behind the bicycle and the rider himself.
    In order to prevent ladies' skirts and men's coats from being splashed or caught in the wheels by muddy water during riding, some classic city bicycles are also carefully equipped with rear wheel skirts. It can well protect jackets, simple cloaks, dresses, skirts, scarves or luggage from being splashed by the muddy water of the wheels. In addition, the city car also has a fully enclosed chain guard box to ensure that people do not need to wear trouser clips or roll up the trouser legs when riding, and to prevent oil stains from staining clothes or danger caused by the trouser legs being caught by the chain or chainring.
  • 12/10/20 at 1:00 AM -
    12/24/20 at 1:00 AM
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