The concept of digital kWh meter

  • Zhejiang Tianpusheng Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of electric energy meters in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. The digital kWh meter is one of the products we promote. Here is a brief introduction:

    A digital kWh meter is a meter used to measure electrical energy. It refers to a meter that measures various electrical quantities.

    When using the electric energy meter, pay attention to that, in the case of low voltage (not more than 500 volts) and small current (tens of amperes), the energy meter can be directly connected to the circuit for measurement. In the case of high voltage or high current, the electric energy meter cannot be directly connected to the line, and must be used with a voltage transformer or a current transformer.

    When the watt-hour meter is connected to the circuit under test, alternating current flows in the current coil and the voltage coil, and these two alternating currents respectively generate alternating magnetic flux in their iron cores; the alternating magnetic flux penetrates Passing the aluminum plate, the eddy current is induced in the aluminum plate; the eddy current is subjected to force in the magnetic field, so that the aluminum plate obtains the torque (primary torque) to rotate. The greater the power consumed by the load, the greater the current passing through the current coil, the greater the eddy current induced in the aluminum disk, and the greater the torque that makes the aluminum disk rotate. That is, the magnitude of torque is proportional to the power consumed by the load. The greater the power, the greater the torque, and the faster the aluminum plate will rotate. When the aluminum disk rotates, it is acted by the braking torque generated by the permanent magnet. The braking torque is in the opposite direction of the main torque; the magnitude of the braking torque is proportional to the rotation speed of the aluminum disk. The faster the aluminum disk rotates, the braking torque is also Bigger. When the main torque and braking torque reach a temporary balance, the aluminum disc will rotate at a constant speed. The electrical energy consumed by the load is proportional to the number of revolutions of the aluminum plate. When the aluminum plate rotates, it drives the counter to indicate the power consumption. This is the simple process of the electric energy meter.

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