Foaming Trigger Sprayer Use for Cosmetic Packaging

  •   In 1945, manufacturers began designing spray pumps from plastic materials. It has been used by commercial and domestic liquids. That’s when trigger sprayers are used for several liquid products.

      For several years, Foaming Trigger Sprayers have helped business owners and consumers with their needs. They have been purposely redesigned and innovated for user convenience, product quantity to be dispensed, and the purpose of use. Other than that, they are highly customizable to suit the needs or requirements of the consumers.

      Trigger Sprayers for Cosmetic Packaging

      Before, it has not been in the mind of manufacturers and cosmetic owners to use trigger sprayers for their cosmetic products. Trigger sprayers are packaging devices that are versatile, inexpensive, convenient, and versatile to use. They were mostly used by gardeners and industrial cleaners because trigger sprayers are convenient to use for cleaning products.

      But, as the years went by, trigger sprayers have been increasingly for cosmetic products. With its top level storage, dispense mechanism, and durability for packaging a wide variety of products, the cosmetic industry cannot let it slide. They researched, designed, and innovated their packaging for cosmetic products.

      Do you notice hairdressers using color hair sprays? Cosmetic trigger sprayers are used for hair care, sun care, and skin care products. It is best for cosmetic products because of its rotating closure, aside from it makes the trigger have a high-quality performance, it prevents accidental actuation.

      However, you should still check whether your product is compatible with trigger sprayer. If you use the wrong sprayer, it can make your product useless. Aside from the efficiency, trigger sprayers help reduce waste of products.

      Trigger sprayers have several advantages that made it popular. It has an adjustable nozzle and comfortable grip. Consumers will not worry about its handling because of its perfect ergonomic design. Moreover, it has a smart piston that provides it a smart closure, ensuring its good resistance and no leaks.

      Things to Consider for Trigger Sprayers

      Most of you do not know about this, but the product’s success depends on how it is delivered from its container.

      Content: The first thing you have to consider is your product or what the packaging solution will contain.

      Sprayer Output: You can simply say that sprayer output is the amount of liquid that should be dispensed from one full stroke after priming. Standard sprayers dispense 0.75cc, but some manufacturers offer up to 5cc of output.

      Assembly: Before shipment, you have to know how the manufacturer will ship the sprayer. Will it be pre-assembled? Or do you have to assemble the spray trigger components? Some manufacturers send their sprayer unassembled. It often depends on where and how the trigger sprayers are used. You should weigh the factors and decide.

      Spray Pattern: What type of spray pattern does your product need? You have several options to consider for the spray pattern– mist, spray, straight stream, or circular stream.

      Shipment: You have to consider the quality or durability of the packaging solution carefully. It can affect how your product will survive during shipment or any mode of transportation. You have to know how it will appear to your target consumers when displayed on the shelf. Choose a trigger sprayer with an “on/off” feature, it is designed to allow you to turn “off” the position, and it will not leak.

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