There Are Much Knowledge In Beverage Bottle

  • Why is the capacity of Beverage Bottle mostly 600ml or 500ml?

    First of all you have to consider ergonomics, here is a big category. Do you hold a bottle of water or carry a bottle of water (our company also sells a four-liter bottle) which is more comfortable? In addition, basically when the amount of exercise is not large, whether you are speaking or working, a 500ml bottle of water is enough to replenish water for several hours. If you bought too much water for a walk outside, you might put down the water to urinate again at this time, then the water will be wasted. The company will not consider wasting it for you, but you will consider whether to buy so much next time. , So it affects sales. Under normal circumstances, this amount of water is enough for you to add water. So now many people buy 350ml of water, because that amount of water can last a long time even when our mouth is dry.

    The second is the problem of preforms. The size of preforms has certain specifications. Unless it is a high-priced beverage, such as a 20-yuan bottle of NFC, under normal circumstances, few people will deliberately use preforms of other specifications to increase costs and cause waste.

    In the end, it's the market and society. To put it bluntly, it is the enterprise that takes into account all aspects. The market's acceptance of new products is difficult to grasp. Both Coke and domestic companies have many failed products. For example, you introduce 750ml of water or beverage like wine. You have to consider how people drink it, how many people hold it effortlessly, and will they pour too much in one sip (you should feel the mouth of a Gatorade bottle after drinking it), what packaging and font size is used for such a bottle, so The packaging is pleasing to the eye, the length of the bottle cap, whether it is easy to twist it, whether there is a pull ring, and what specifications to put on the shelf in the mall.

    There is a lot of knowledge about the capacity of beverage bottles, and the same goes for Plastic Cosmetic Bottles.