PET Shampoo Bottle Uses Polyester Material

  • PET bottles are mainly plastic bottles produced from PET as the main raw material. It is the most widely used packaging material today. PET Shampoo Bottle is very popular in the market. The chemical name of PET is polyethylene terephthalate, which is a kind of thermoplastic. Material, a high-strength, high-transparent stretch blow molding bottle is obtained from an amorphous preform, and the preform is placed in a mold to be blow molded.

    Because of its lightweight, easy forming, low price, and easy mass production, many cosmetic packaging materials use PET bottles for packaging. Most of the production of PET bottles are also harmless and safe to use. Many food products are packaged in PET bottles. Now more and more packaging uses plastic PET, which will be more widely used in major markets.

    The physical properties of the materials used in PET and PE are different. The PET material is polyester and requires a two-step method. The embryo tube is injected first, and then the bottle is blown. The mouth is fixed and has good stability; the PE material is polyethylene, which is injection molded in one step. The bottle type is not too restricted, and the capacity meets the needs of various bottle types.

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