The Supplies We Need To Make Valentine Day Wooden Heart Pendant

  •   Valentine's Day is a great excuse to make beautiful keepsakes for each other. This year my little girl decided she wanted to make something special for her Dad.

      We had just received these sweet, raw, unfinished hearts in the Valentine's Day Wooden Crafts, which I thought we could use. It was a fun, easy craft which can be straightforward or developed further to create ornaments, decorations or a 3D Valentine's card.

      Use crayons, pencils, paints or even wrap the hearts with wool string. The possibilities are endless and it's a craft children will enjoy no matter what age they are.

      1 - Paint your wooden hearts. We used watercolour paints but you can use any paints or even crayons, or why not try our new wood stain (recommended for older children).

      2 - Drill a hole approximately 1cm in from the part where your heart dips at the top. We used our hand-held drill but you could use a boring tool too. The wood is very soft.

      3 - Leave to dry, the add some glue and sprinkle with glitter.

      4 - Thread string or yarn through your hole using a large needle and voila, a lovely pendant.

      Note: If you are working with older children or would like to create a softer finished look, sand the wooden hearts first before dying, then add some natural oil to give a lovely patina to your hearts.

      We also have some interesting wooden crafts for sale,Let's share next time.