The Supplies We Need To Make Easter Day Project for Kids

  •   Looking for a simple craft activity for kids? This Under the Sea themed Easter Day Crafts for sale using craft sticks is perfect for celebrating the arrival of summer. In just 3 easy steps, kids can make this adorable ocean fish craft stick project scene!


      Craft sticks




      Wiggly eyes



      Step 1: Background

      First, paint about 9 or 10 craft sticks for your ocean background. Choose colors like teal or blue that represent the ocean. We recommend using a water based gel paint like our Color Splash!® Sheer Gel Paint that works great on wood. You can also use acrylic paint for a more solid look.

      Step 2: Fish

      Use scissors to cut a few craft sticks (about 4 or 5 inches) to make the fish. Choose what color you’d like to paint them. Let the paint dry, then cut out a fish tail shape using sticky felt and apply it to the fish. Add mini wiggly eyes, and paint a mouth or draw with marker. Glue the fish to the ocean background.

      Step 3: Bubbles

      Make the bubbles by dipping a pencil eraser (or any everyday object with a similar shape) in white acrylic paint!

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