The Supplies We Need To Make Easy Paper Hyacinth Flowers

  •   Create a simple DIY paper flower - Valentine's Day Wooden Crafts in just a few steps! This craft tutorial is one of our most popular projects on Pinterest. All you need is construction paper, scissors, and glue to make these hyacinth flowers.

      Now that it is finally Spring, I felt that I could use some color in my life. Hyacinths are Spring-flowering perennials and make the perfect craft activity for this time of year. I love that there are only three materials needed for this whole craft and it doesn’t take too long to put together!

      Download a printable version of this activity here so you can easily follow the steps and the design!


      Construction paper



      Start by picking out which color flowers you want and the color you’d like for the stems. I chose purple, pink, and white (typical hyacinth colors). To create 3 flowers, we used a total of 4 pieces of construction paper. Next start putting the stems together. Cut 1 inch thick strips of green construction paper (long side). Roll each strip up into a tube, gluing into place. Set aside to dry. You may need to use clothes pins to hold the tubes together until the glue dries.

      Now you can start creating the flowers. Cut your pieces of paper into four strips (short side). Take each strip and fold in half (long side). Cut slices starting from the folded edge, leaving about a centimeter of space on the other end. Width of slices can vary, I did thinner slices for the top of the flower and gradually made them thicker.

      Beginning at the top of the stem, glue an end of the strip into place and continue to roll and glue into place around until you reach the end of the strip. Repeat with next three strips.

      Voila, a handmade Hyacinth bouquet!

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