Kraft Paper Foot And Handprints - Wooden Crafts For Kids

  •   Setting up your Christmas tree is the surest sign that the festive season has arrived at last. From stylish, color-coordinated trees to whimsical trees adorned with family favorites, when it comes to decorating this Christmas centerpiece, the options are endless.

      DIY decorations are an easy and cost-effective way to trim your tree, and they can be easily dressed up or down to suit your unique style. Whether you’re planning an elegant, opulent tree bedecked in glittering silver and gold decorations, or are looking for a fun Christmas wooden crafts for kids wholesale to keep your kids occupied while you tackle your holiday to do list, these paper decorations are the perfect way to add some homemade charm to your tree:

      1. Folded paper pinecones

      These accordion-folded paper pinecone are easy enough for your kids to make, but fancy enough to dress up luxurious trees as well.

      2. Pinecones 2.0

      These glittering metallic paper pinecones are a delightfully delicate alternative to the simple accordion-folded option.

      3. Victorian Paper Fan

      Add a touch of classic grandeur to your tree with these gorgeous Victorian paper fans.

      paper christmas ornaments victorian paper fans

      Metallic White

      aspire petallics snow willow

      4. Origami Stars

      This simple origami stars are easy to make, and will keep your kids occupied for hours:

      paper christmas ornaments origami stars

      5. Kraft Paper Foot and Handprints

      Make memories that will last a lifetime with these cute Kraft paper ornaments by Eighteen25.

      paper christmas ornaments kraft paper tags

      Dress up your foot and handprints by turning them into reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees. A heavy Kraft card stock will stand up well to the paint:

      6. Paper Houses

      These Scandinavian-inspired paper houses look lovely when illuminated by the lights of your Christmas tree.

      paper christmas ornaments paper houses

      We recommend using white cardstock.

      7. Geometric Paper Ornaments

      These geometric ornaments are a great way to use up the scraps of paper and ribbon hanging around your craft room.

      paper christmas ornaments geometric ornaments

      8. Paper Strip Christmas Tree

      These simple sewn trees and snowmen are another fun way to use up your assorted colors:

      paper christmas ornaments paper strip christmas trees

      9. Paper Globes

      These paper strip globes are a kid-friendly, non-breakable alternative to traditional round glass ornaments – and they’re adorable to boot!

      paper christmas ornaments paper globes

      Adapt them to your style by using different colors of cardstock:

      10. Starburst Snowflakes

      All you need is printer paper and a stapler to make these simple starburst snowflakes.

      paper christmas ornaments starburst snowflakes

      Dress them up by using holiday colors, or whatever palette fits your scheme this year. Try these shades.

      11. Paper Pinwheels

      Dress up this classic paper craft and hang these holiday-inspired pinwheels on your Christmas tree:

      paper christmas ornaments paper pinwheels

      12. Quilled Wreath

      Another BHG creation, these simple quilled wreaths are the perfect way to put your crafting skills to test his holiday season.

      paper christmas ornaments quilled wreath

      You’ll need white, green, and red paper.

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