The Supplies We Need To Make Rock Painting Winter Snowman Chris

  •   The last year has been such a strange year. But, I love that I have been able to spend more quality time with my boys. We have crafted, played games, and enjoyed our time together. One of our favorite new activities is painting rocks and hiding them when we go on walks together. This simple Rock Painting Winter Snowman Christmas Day Crafts is perfect for crafters of all ages.

      Rock Painting Winter Snowman Craft

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      Winter Snowman Craft Supplies:

      Smooth rocks.

      Acrylic paint.

      Paint brush or q-tips.

      Rock painting isn’t new, but it is new to our family. We have found a few rocks while we are out and about, and we always get super excited to find them. And, while we always said we would do it soon, that time never came…until this year. This little project is so great, and it can be done in a classroom and then the kids can hide them around their school too!

      How to paint a rock like a snowman

      Let’s get started! We painted simple snowman faces for our most recent rocks. But, truly, the sky is the limit with painted rock art.

      Begin by painting the rock white. This is a good idea for all rock painting projects. It gives you a good bank canvas.

      After the paint is fully dry, you can get started on your masterpiece. We used the paintbrush tip to paint our rocks. Simply dip the end of the brush into black paint, then dot the snowman’s eyes and mouth onto the rock.

      Then, add a cute little orange nose in the middle. You can paint a hat or scarf on your snowman too. Truly, you can paint this however you want!

      Finally, after the paint is completely dry, gather your tiny masterpieces and hide them around your neighborhood. There are a lot of rock painting and sharing groups online too, so check and see if there is a local group you can share to as well!

      That’s it! I hope this fun rock painting activity has inspired you to paint some rocks with your family and have a little fun hiding them!

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