Wooden Craft For Kids - Sparkling Pumpkins & Squashes

  •   This Halloween, involve young children in the party preparation by inviting them to decorate pumpkins and squashes. Using bio-glitter and eco glue, we have got some ideas for sparkly gourds to decorate your house for trick or treating. Easy to join in, have fun and enjoy the messy creative process, no matter what age you are.

      I really wanted my little one to get involved with our decorations this year as we usually do lots of carving, often leaving her out. I also wanted a wooden crafts wholesale that she could do on her own with little intervention from me, so we decided to decorate our squashes (they are amazing shapes and textures) and pumpkins with our new biodegradable sparkling glitter.

      We started off with a clear idea of creating precise, decorative shapes but in the end it turned into glitter mayhem; even my eldest got involved. Sometimes it's best to let go and watch your kids get naturally creative without the constant instruction from an adult.

      It was fun watching them make their glittery masterpieces, reminding myself it's as much about the process as the outcome. The final pieces are beautiful and make great festive decorations for your home.

      Decoration1: We started off by wrapping tape (ideally masking tape) around the bottom of the squash, covering the squash with glue, then sprinkling with glitter and leaving to dry. Once dry, carefully peel off the tape.

      Decoration 2: Instead of painting glue on to the squash, we decided to use the glue bottle to create a simple dash pattern, working from top to bottom. Use the tip of your glue bottle draw small dashes, then sprinkle with glitter. This can be a little messy! Use paper to underneath to catch the excess glitter.

      Decoration 3: We used a combination of painting and drawing large drips with the glue nozzle then sprinkled with 3 different colours of glitter.

      Decoration 4: Free reign! My little one designed her own creative mixture - in other words, painted with glue and sprinkled her squash with every colour possible.

      Happy Sparkling Halloween!

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