Square Head Trigger Sprayer Manufacturers Introduces The Design


    Square Head Trigger Sprayer Manufacturers introduces the difference between solid and liquid in plastic bottle packaging:

    Regarding the difference between the characteristics of solid and liquid plastic bottles, we conduct targeted analysis from each part. First of all, the mouth of the plastic bottle, the diameter of the solid plastic bottle is larger than that of the liquid plastic bottle, because the tightness of the solid product is relatively low, but the diameter of the solid product is often larger, which makes the solid plastic bottle in order to facilitate the filling line of the product. It must be improved on the bottle mouth. We can see that the wide-mouth plastic bottles on the market are mainly used for packaging solid products. On the contrary, liquid plastic bottles have higher requirements for sealing performance. At the same time, for the convenience of drinking and filling, small-mouth plastic bottles will be used more in the liquid market. Secondly, regarding the wall thickness and transparency of plastic bottles, solid plastic bottles do not have high requirements for the transparency and wall thickness of plastic bottles. However, liquid plastic bottles have higher requirements for wall thickness. Liquid products have a certain pressure and need to be packaged with plastic bottles to withstand pressure. This requires liquid plastic bottles to reach a certain wall thickness to be able to withstand the pressure of the product. Liquid products also have requirements for the transparency of plastic bottles. Some liquid products are sensitive to light, so attention must be paid to the design.

    The difference between liquid and solid plastic bottles is basically focused on the details of the product, and we hope that our manufacturers can pay attention and treat it.
    Through the above introduction, Mini Trigger Sprayer Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.