Square Head Trigger Sprayer Manufacturers Introduces The Charac


    Square Head Trigger Sprayer Manufacturers introduces the classification of cosmetic packaging materials:

    1. In daily life, the materials we can usually see are PP, PE, acrylic, etc. These all have a common feature that is high transparency and can clearly see the volume of cosmetics. In recent times, many bloggers have even used acrylic material to store lipsticks. Because of its good durability and clear presentation, high-quality products have been loved and pursued by many consumers, but this There is also a disadvantage, that is, its chemical resistance is poor, it cannot be directly filled with cream or lotion cosmetics, and it is not scratch resistant. The price is also expensive among plastic cosmetic materials. In plastic cosmetic packaging, PET is also very common. As an environmentally friendly material, it has light weight, high barrier properties and good chemical resistance. In terms of transparency, it can be made into pearlescent, porcelain white, colored, etc. according to different styles. PET is mainly used to install cosmetics such as gel water and can be packaged with pump heads.

    2. Cosmetics in glass bottles. It is mainly divided into skin care products, perfumes and other smaller capacity in the market. It can be subdivided into two types: wide mouth and narrow mouth. The former is mostly used to hold solid or paste-like cosmetics; the latter is used in emulsified liquids or liquids. With the current technological development, manufacturers often develop series models. The bottle body can also provide customized services, such as bronzing, frosting and other post-processing. For some luxury cosmetics packaging materials, most will choose this style, which can reflect a certain high-end nature.

    3. Bag-packed packaging materials. According to the material, there are PV, PE, aluminized bags, etc. According to the form, it can be divided into three-side sealed bag, upright bag, vacuum bag and so on. The aluminum foil bag material is conducive to the preservation of cosmetics, not only the cost is relatively low, but also has a great cushioning effect on the impact, and there is also ample space in the later design. For some cosmetic samples, this type of packaging material will be selected, which not only reduces the cost, but also meets different needs, and there is no worry about leakage and other issues during the transportation process.

    Through the above introduction, Mini Trigger Sprayer Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.