What Is Pet Cosmetic Bottle?

  •   ABS & PET are both variants of thermoplastic, that are widely used materials for cosmetic packaging. Both are largely compared in terms of product protection, strength to weight ratio and the adherence with innovative design dynamics that’s an essential part of the business. So here goes some elementary clarification about what is what, their advantages and disadvantages on specific criterion, their take on eco-friendly perspectives and finally help cosmetic manufacturers choose suitable packaging solutions for diverse products.

      Plastic is a pivotal resource for the packaging industry, not any less for cosmetic packaging. Whereas, understanding the different types and package components will only make up for a better life cycle of a product as a whole, in terms of product protection, being able to run with the innovative technologies of application, such as roll-on, pump or click to open etc. The role of a cosmetic packaging container is not just about containing the product, it is also about application, ease of carrying it around in a purse, chemical leaching from long term storage, and of course, suit up with the ideals of “attractive packaging” and be distinguishable at large, still at an affordable cost.

      ABS and PET Cosmetic Bottle manufacturers are both thermosoftening plastic polymers that are both moldable at high temperatures, which applies for all the above mentioned criterion, moreover, the same “moldable” nature gets them their “recyclable” status. Hence, these two polymers are highly sought after over the permanent results of thermosetting plastic. But there are further differences in nature between the two interlinked composites of ABS and PET that may affect a cosmetic manufacturer’s decision to choose as the ideal material for specific products.

      So before we get down to the comparison, here is a head on about the core nature of the two.

      What Is ABS Plastic

      What makes Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) thermoplastic special is its thermoforming ability, thanks to its high-strength, impact resistance qualities. Which means, ABS is highly compliant to heterogenous structural applications, that makes it especially worthwhile for crafting tiny, detail oriented containers that are required to be highly durable throughout the lifespan of the cosmetic and exhaustive usability. Lipstick containers, compacts, mascara tubes are some typical examples of the products that can use ABS plastic packaging for good.

      Even though ABS is moldable under thermolysis temperature of about 400 °C, it can withstand a lot of abrasion, are unbreakable despite falling off of hands multiple times, or even promote insulation properties to keep up the cosmetic product at a static consistency, even when its habitat is inside the humid confines of a purse. ABS, is thus an excellent proponent of push-tubes for oil and wax based chapstick, concealers, etc.

      Deriving from petroleum and natural gas, ABS is composed of organic compounds like styrene, acrylonitrile and butadiene. A very distinct feature about ABS, is that it does not contain any halogens when in pure form. Therefore, when combusted or melted, it does not fume any persistent organic pollutants, nor does it seem to have any carcinogens, as per various studies. However, it does produce toxic gaseous compounds like hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide, at a boiling point or 3D printing, which can turn out to be environmentally hazardous on a long run, especially cause air bourne health hazards to immediate manufacturers with long term exposure.

      What Is PET Plastic

      Polyethylene terephthalate(PET) thermoplastic derives from the same polyester resin, that is used to fabricate synthetic textiles used for clothing, and is one of the root components for engineered biodegradable plastics. PET is the most commonly used plastic for any packaging unit, whatsoever, the most significant quality that makes PET a pet for cosmetic packaging, is it’s non-reactive nature towards moisture, thus creating a formidable moisture barrier for liquid and semi liquid products like lotions and tonics. This is the same material used for packaged drinking water and soda, so it can be safe for use.

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