The Potential Cosmetics Packaging Business

  •   There are few industries out there with as much potential to develop loyal, die-hard customers as beauty and cosmetics. Beauty products are a staple in bathroom cabinets around the world; whether a person is going for an “I woke up like this” look or the avant garde “makeup is art you wear on your face” feel, just about every woman (not to mention tons of men!) use beauty products on the daily.

      Which means if you own a beauty or cosmetics line, the potential for some serious business is there. But it also means if you want to grab that business and take it for yourself, you’re going to need to find a way to break through the clutter, jump off the shelf at Sephora, and tell your ideal customer “THIS is the lipstick for you!” And the best way to do that is your Cosmetic Cream Jar manufacturers.

      Your packaging is the first thing the beauty die-hards you want to turn into customers are going to see. If your packaging grabs their attention and speaks to what they’re looking for, they’re likely to take your product home and give it a try. If not? It’s likely to gather dust on the shelf.

      But how, exactly, do you design the kind of packaging that makes your ideal customer scream “I need that blush yesterday?

      Prime before you design

      Let cosmetics packaging trends inspire you

      Create your perfect cosmetics packaging

      Pick your brand design elements (color, fonts, etc)

      Gather the info you need to include on your packaging

      Choose your packaging type

      Choose a focal point for your design

      How to find the right designer for your cosmetics packaging

      Start designing

      Prime before you design

      Before you get started with your packaging design, there are a few things you want to clarify:

      Define your ideal customer

      It’s important to know who you’re designing for. Who’s your ideal customer? Are they tween girls just as obsessed with sparkles as they are with boy bands? Are they women of color who want makeup that actually (finally) matches their skin tone? Are they men who are masculine… but also want baby soft skin? And once you know who they are, what are they looking for in a cosmetics brand? What’s going to grab their attention?

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