The Information Of Fine Mist Sprayer Pump’s Booster

  •   Many people know how it works, but who really knows what is it ? The booster Fine Mist Sprayer Pump for sale, despite the name, isn’t used to increase the distance of treatment, “to reach farther”. The mist sprayer’s range isn’t obtained by pushing the product from the liquid tank but is the output air, generated by the fan, that carries the drops of product from the nozzle to the surface to be treated; greater is the air speed and greater the distance reached.

      The booster pump allows to have a bigger and more regular pressure of liquid exit. For this reason, it’s suggested to people which need a better product dispensing.

      That is:

      Without the booster pump, the liquid exits by gravity (and for the pressure sent inside the tank); so the quantity distributed can change slightly, according to the level of residual product in the tank. In case it is required the regularity of distribution, we recommend the use of the booster pump that uniforms the flow of product dispensed (the quantity of product is the same both with a full tank than empty).For this reason, the booster pump is strongly recommended using the accessory ULV (ultra low volume). In this case the distributed product is highly concentrated (up to 17 liters to treat one hectare, according to the type of crop and conformation of the ground): it is therefore absolutely necessary to ensure uniformity of the quantity of product dispensed.

      The booster pump also allows to keep mixed inside the liquid tank ,the products that need it.

      The booster pump is also necessary in case you need to use the accessory of extension pipes; it prolongs the exit pipe (up to three meters) but it doesn’t increase the distance reached…. Its use is recommended in the treatment of trees in windy areas; it allows to approach to the treating area , limiting the dispersion due to the wind. In this case the booster pump is essential to allow the liquid to reach the nozzle at the top of the extensions.

      Remember to NEVER use the booster pump “dry”, that is without the product in the liquid tank: the pump will overheat and damage in few minutes. It is recommended cleaning the booster pump at the end of the work .

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