Pulsar Speedometer Is Widely Used

  • Electronic speedometers are becoming more and more popular in the vintage motorcycle world. They are a modern alternative to the typical conventional cable-driven speedometer. The pulsar speedometer is suitable for a variety of models and is suitable for most old-fashioned motorcycles in the current era.

    In most popular settings, the plug setting on the coil can directly obtain the speed measurement signal from the PCM. In those cases where you cannot do it, you can pick up the signal from the negative pole of the coil. This is actually reading one cylinder at a time, so the speed should be set for a one-cylinder engine. PCM actually acts as a distributor for the COP (Plug and Play) system

    With a pull-up resistor, all tachometers can be read from any PCM. All PCMs (regardless of the number of cylinders, gasoline, or diesel) output 4-cylinder open collector signals. The pull-up resistor converts it into a square wave

    Remember, if its energy is high or there are multiple spark outputs, make sure not to get a signal from the coil.