Step-by-step guide to GST registration in Bangalore through Aad

  • In the GST Registration in Bangalore with the quick revolution of this modern era, the GST Council has increased its functional areas and authorized smooth GST registration processes. The GST regulatory has implemented the facility of GST registration through Aadhaar authentication for taxpayers. To increase the ease of doing business, Aadhaar authentication is compulsory.


    GST Registration

    GST Registration is a process for taxpayers and entrepreneurs to get their businesses GST registered. After the successful GST Registration for a business, a unique registration number will be assigned to the taxpayers and the entrepreneurs known as the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). According to the GST Act 2017, businesses with a collection turnover of INR 20 Lakh or INR 40 Lakh for goods supplier and above in a financial year should compulsorily register for GST. In the GST authorities, the aggregate turnover limit for North-eastern and hill states to register for GST is INR 10 Lakh.


    Fees for GST registration in India

    According to the GST Registration Consultants in Bangalore fee differs as per the below-listed organization structure:

    For the Sole Proprietorship = INR 1000 + GST @18%

    For the Partnership Firm = INR 1500 + GST @18%

    For the Company =INR 2000 + GST @18%


    Is the GST on the registration price or sale price in India?

    GST will be appropriate to the business value. All the expenses that are sustained by the supplier for making the supply will be examined as part of transaction value and GST will be demanded on the same.


    GST Registration through Aadhaar Authentication:

    The Indian Government has made the work easy step-by-step GST Registration process for businesses through opting Aadhaar Authentication:


    During GST Registration, the applicant has a choice to select whether he wishes to authenticate with Aadhaar.

    If the applicant selects YES, an authentication link will be sent on his registered mobile number and the given e-mails ID of the business partners and the entrepreneurs and with the authorized signatories.

    After selecting the authentication link, a screen will appears with a declaration where the applicant needs to submit an Aadhaar number and select on “validate”.

    Here in the GST Services in Bangalore on successful validation, an OPT is sent to the applicant’s registered mobile number and email with the Aadhaar. After entering OTP, a message of successful authentication will be generated.

    It is important to make sure that a user Aadhaar has a modernized registered mobile number and email for rapidly completing the process.

    For Aadhaar authentication, OTP is sent on the applicant's registered mobile number and email address.

    If the applicant chooses NO option for GST registration through Aadhaar authentication, the GST Council may accomplish the required documentary and or physical site verification before authorization registration. If no action is taken by the tax authority within a time period of 21 days, the GST registration by the applicant shall be deemed as approved.


    How to Apply for GST REGISTRATION Services in Bangalore?


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