Features of Stainless Steel Submersible Sewage Pump

  •   Features of Stainless Steel Submersible Sewage Pump

      Corrosion-resistant structure

      Stainless steel motor housing and fasteners

      Glass-filled thermoplastic impeller and housing

      Upper and lower heavy ball bearing structure

      The motor is permanently lubricated to extend the service life and provide power for continuous operation

      All ratings are within the working range of the motor

      Hard-coated 400 stainless steel shaft improves corrosion resistance

      The float switch can adjust various liquid levels

      Easy to disassemble to directly operate the pump or replace the switch

      The whole device is light, portable, and easy to maintain

      Double labyrinth lip seal system protects the motor

      It consists of three lip seals and a V-ring, in addition to an impeller anti-vane system to prevent solid particles from entering the sealing device

      Manual operation

      3/8 in spherical largest solid

      Small Submersible Pump is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.