Check your Submersible Sewage Pump frequently


      How often should you replace the Submersible Sewage Pump?

      It is very important to monitor the condition of the Submersible Sewage Pump throughout the year. Since your sump pump can fail in many ways, you need to know when it tells you that trouble is coming. The following is a list of things to be aware of:

      Put a "replace with" label on the device. The "Replace with" label can help you track when the pump is replaced. Since they usually have a 10-year safe operating window, please note the date of installation of the system and the date after 10 years. Make sure your stickers are easy to view.

      Purchase a smart sewage pump socket that supports Wi-Fi. Some application-based sewage pump outlets can help you notify you before a disaster occurs. The outlet collects and tracks data from the sewage pump to verify whether it is in working condition. When a problem is detected, you will receive a notification sent directly to your smartphone, and you can configure it to send emails and text messages. Another feature is the high water level sensor, which is installed in the pool of your cesspit system to let you know that flooding may happen soon.

      Install backup batteries and a second sink system. The backup system can help you prepare for unexpected situations. They may seem expensive at first, but if your main sump pump fails, or if the power supply is interrupted, they are as valuable as gold.

      Since storms often cut off the power lines when the rain starts, your home may be in a vulnerable state for several hours until power is restored. The impact of insurance can be important. If you have additional sump pump insurance and your main system has recently failed, you need to install a backup system when you renew your insurance policy.

      Check your Submersible Sewage Pump frequently. When testing your sink system and recording your log entries, be sure to check the condition of the pump (if possible). Make an appointment on your calendar to check it, and let the plumber conduct an annual check.

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