Why 2 Submersible Sewage Pumps are better than 1


      A submersible Sewage Pump is like a coffee maker or hairdryer. If your coffee maker stops working, you must go to Starbucks to get your caffeine repair. If your hairdryer stops working, you will have a bad hair day. Both can be replaced, and your loss is not that big. But if your Submersible Sewage Pump decides to quit, what will happen to your basement? You may not even know that it quit. Really, how often do you check? If your basement is flooded, what kind of damage will it cause you?

      Therefore, a reasonable solution to this potential problem is to install two Submersible Sewage Pumps in the same sump basin instead of one. The second Submersible Sewage Pump can help reduce the potential threat of death or not being large enough to deal with the heavy rain.

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