He could hit in the 40's but such hits are infrequent

  • Speak to Willus and tell him that you've got the armor and OSRS gold he will provide you a special book. Equip the armor and leap into the water where the monster went. Now you are underwater and the creature is right in front of you. He's level 200 and utilizes melee strikes and an occasional magic attack.

    He could hit in the 40's but such hits are infrequent, and a common hit is around 10 or even 15. You can use lobsters but swordfish are greatest here. Be certain that you bring Prayer Potions, as well. Once you have him 10 hitpoints utilize the book that Willus gave you on him to cast a spell that can finish him off. After he is defeated he'll fall Magical Bones. Take these to Willus to demonstrate that you conquered the monster. Now talk to King Vargas and decide to tell him exactly what happened. Fortunately Willus has told him everything. Congratulations, quest complete.

    I really want something like a free for all stadium as a safe minigame. It could be quite fun and great XP. The area would be on the size of the fist of guthix stadium with lots of cheap RuneScape Mobile gold obstacles, ranging towers. . .etc. Such as the FoG, arrows will be returned once you die. It won't provide runes, but it will yield about 60 percent of the runes you've used.