When you place the money inside it turns into a Guild Coin

  • The same as POH servants, POG servants may request you wages after an quantity of time so if you paid 5,000gp for him then you will need to pay the same amount of OSRS gold money after some time. This means you won't just pay their price for a single time. More expensive servant takes will spend more time without asking for the wages.

    Your clan members may contribute in these chests. The best part is you could use them for your guilds needs. As an example, you have to pay your servant his wages, but don't have sufficient money. You assess the contribution chest and when there is enough money you pay the servant.

    When you place the money inside it turns into a Guild Coin. One Guild Coin is the same as one normal Gold section. You may just use the currency for those guilds needs. That is why when you contribute you can be sure that the owner will not invest the money on something else such as armor, food or anything he can use for himself. All of your donated money will be only able to help the guild. Here's what can you do with your Guild Coins:

    Pay/Buy Servant - If you have sufficient Guild Coins you can pay your slave because of his services or buy one from Ardounge. Buy stuff - You can buy materials (planks, nails, gold leaves etc.) for your guild together with the coins. But just from NPC shops. Guild Coins are untradable so you can't trade them to any participant and you can't purchase the materials. By way of buy RuneScape gold instance, Teak Plank ( c ). These substances with ( c ) following their name are untradable and may only be utilised on your guild. That means you can not use them in your typical POH.