Lpg Cng Switch Factory Introduces The Knowledge Related To The


    Lpg Cng Switch Factory introduced the benefits of changing cars to natural gas:
    (1) Higher economic benefits. Natural gas is easy to mix with air evenly in the engine. The combustion is relatively complete and clean. It is not easy to produce carbon deposits. It has good anti-knock performance and does not dilute the lubricating oil. This greatly reduces the wear of parts in the engine cylinder and can extend the life of the engine. The life of the lubricating oil.
    (2) Good social benefits. Compared with petroleum fuels, gas fuels have less energy loss during the preparation process, less harmful pollutants, and are more beneficial to environmental protection.
    (3) High security. The natural gas itself leaks slightly and will soon diffuse into the atmosphere. All parts of the gas fuel system, especially the sealing part, have undergone strict inspections. Therefore, natural gas is relatively safe as a vehicle fuel.