Working Status Of LPG CNG Injector

  • We should not know much about LPG CNG Injector. Today we will talk about the characteristics of LPG CNG Injector when it works.

    When working, the high-pressure fuel pump delivers fuel to the public fuel supply pipe at high pressure. The high-pressure fuel pump, pressure sensor, and ECU work together in a closed-loop to accurately control the oil pressure in the public fuel supply pipe, completely changing the fuel supply pressure with the engine speed. phenomenon. Its main characteristics have the following three aspects:

    1. The fuel injection timing is completely separated from the fuel metering, and the fuel injection pressure and fuel injection process are controlled by the ECU in time.
    2. The fuel injection pressure, start point, and duration of fuel injection can be adjusted for each cylinder according to the working conditions of the engine, so as to pursue the best control point of fuel injection.
    3. It can achieve high fuel injection pressure, and can achieve diesel pre-injection.

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