Introduce The Role Of Timing Advance Processor

  • The Timing Advance Processor adopts electronically controlled ignition control technology to meet the higher ignition energy and breakdown voltage requirements of modern high-speed engines for ignition systems.

    The Timing Advance Processor can better match the ignition timing with the engine operating conditions, realize a more optimized centralized control function for the ignition system, and better meet the requirements for engine power and economy.

    When the gasoline engine maintains a constant throttle opening, speed, and mixture concentration, the power and fuel consumption of the gasoline engine change with the change of the ignition advance angle. There is an optimal ignition advance angle corresponding to each operating condition of the engine. Proper ignition advance angle can maximize the mechanical work done by the engine each cycle. If the ignition advance angle is too large, it is easy to deflagrate; if the ignition advance angle is too small, the exhaust temperature will increase and the power will decrease.

    Regardless of whether it is Timing Advance Processor or CNG Pipe , some points need to be paid attention to when using, so you need to understand in advance.