Analyze the Properties of Haynes 230 Alloy

  • Haynes 230 alloy is a solid solution strengthened Ni-Cr-W-Mo nickel-based alloy, which is equivalent to UNS N06230 alloy. It has good high-temperature strength, oxidation resistance, high-temperature corrosion resistance and higher creep strength.

    Based on the above characteristics, Haynes 230 alloy can be used as a candidate material for 700℃ advanced ultra-supercritical boilers and the main candidate structural material for intermediate heat exchangers of ultra-high temperature gas-cooled reactors in addition to being used for high-temperature aerospace components.

    Because of its high creep strength, it can also be used for high-temperature components for solar thermal power generation systems. At present, the research on Haynes 230 alloy in China mainly focuses on high-temperature mechanical properties, high-temperature oxidation behavior and corrosion behavior.

    There is little research on Haynes 230 alloy in China, mainly focusing on as-cast structure analysis, homogenization process, high-temperature oxidation behavior, etc. There are very few reports on the industrial production and processing, organization and performance of Haynes 230 nickel-based alloy seamless pipes.

    Like Inconel 740H and CN617 alloy, Haynes 230 alloy has a higher degree of alloying, so it is easy to segregate during the smelting process. In addition, due to the large deformation resistance of superalloys, hot working is very difficult and cracks are easy to appear. The manufacture of seamless pipes can only be achieved by hot extrusion or drilling processes, and the yield rate of the drilling process is very low.

    At present, the smelting level of major domestic steel mills in China has been at the forefront of the world. Through process control, it can smelt high-quality Haynes 230 nickel-based alloy billets. Therefore, it is imperative to realize the localization of Haynes 230 nickel-based alloy seamless pipes.

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