Analyze the difference between austenitic 304 stainless steel a


    Austenitic 304 stainless steel and austenitic stainless steel have different gold element content. The stainless steel plate with no less than 8 nickel and less than 2 can be called austenitic 304 stainless steel. The level of nickel content determines the level of corrosion resistance. Austenitic stainless steel contains less than 8 nickel, and its corrosion resistance is not strong.

    And the identification effects of the two stainless steel identification agents are different. Stainless steel identification agent is used to detect the nickel content of the steel to distinguish which series of stainless steel. The stainless steel identification agent usually takes about 2-3 minutes to show its effect, and different colors correspond to different types of stainless steel materials. It turns red into ordinary austenitic stainless steel within 3 minutes. If the color does not change within 3 minutes, and the bottom color becomes slightly darker, this is the authentic 304 stainless steel.

    The magnetic properties of the two are different. 304 stainless steel may appear magnetic when its chemical composition fluctuates or its processing state is different during the smelting process. In addition, the structure of 304 stainless steel will be transformed to Martensite after cold working. The greater the degree of cold working deformation, the more low-body transformation, the greater the magnetic properties of the steel. Austenitic stainless steel belongs to the austenitic type, and the austenitic type is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, and non-magnetic.

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