What are the properties of alloy structural steel?

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    Alloy structural steel is a type of mold steel. Generally, the main component of this steel is alloy material, supplemented by other materials. Under normal circumstances, alloy structural steel can be used in construction and hardware applications. The reason why steel products have so many classifications is because they involve different applications and ways, and their composition ratios are also different. The difference in composition ratio mainly depends on the content of carbon element. The higher the content of carbon element, the higher the hardness and the stronger the contained properties.

    According to the quality requirements of steel grade and steel, the smelting of alloy structural steel can adopt oxygen top blowing converter, open hearth furnace, electric arc furnace; or add electroslag remelting and vacuum degassing. The ingot can be continuous casting or die casting. The steel ingot should be slowly cooled or hot sent for forging or rolling. When the steel ingot is heated, the temperature should be uniform and the holding time should be sufficient to improve the segregation defects and avoid uneven deformation during forging and rolling; the steel after forging and rolling has a small size, especially carburizing with a carbon content of about 0.2% Steel should be cooled quickly above 600℃ to avoid aggravating the band structure; for forgings with larger cross-sections, measures should be taken to eliminate internal stress and white spots. Quenched and tempered steel should be quenched into martensite structure as much as possible, and then tempered into sorbite structure; during the carburizing process of carburized steel, the concentration gradient of the cemented layer should not be too large, so as to avoid continuous network on the grain boundary of the cemented layer Carbide; Nitrided steel must be heat treated to obtain the required properties, and then finally processed to be nitrided. After the nitriding treatment, except for grinding and removing the brittle "white layer", no processing is required.

    Alloy structural steel can be divided into ordinary alloy structural steel and special-purpose alloy structural steel. The former includes low-alloy high-strength steel, low-temperature steel, ultra-high-strength steel, carburized steel, quenched and tempered steel, and non-quenched and tempered steel; the latter includes spring steel, ball bearing steel, free-cutting steel, cold stamping steel, etc. It is required to have high yield strength, tensile strength and fatigue strength, as well as sufficient plasticity and toughness. Generally, electric arc furnace and oxygen top-blown converter are used for smelting, and for high-demand use, external refining, electroslag remelting or vacuum treatment, vacuum induction furnace smelting or double vacuum smelting, and suitable heat treatment are used. The content of alloying elements in this kind of steel is quite high, mainly including corrosion-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel, wear-resistant steel, magnetic steel and special steel with other special physical and chemical properties. Alloy structural steel is widely used in structures such as ships, vehicles, aircraft, missiles, weapons, railways, bridges, pressure vessels, and machine tools. Alloy structural steel has better mechanical properties than carbon steel, especially excellent heat treatment performance. The grade is usually expressed by the method of "number + element symbol + number". The first two digits in the grade indicate the average carbon content of the steel in ten thousand percent, and the element symbol and the following digits indicate the percentage of alloying elements and their average content. If the alloying element content is less than 1.5%, its content is not marked.

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