What are the main application industries of super austenitic st

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    Let us introduce it below:

    The stainless steel with high nickel, high phase, copper and nitrogen content, and the base metal microstructure of a typical 100% austenitic composition is called super austenitic stainless steel. Because super austenitic stainless steel is high in nickel and contains copper and nitrogen, it is more difficult to smelt; it is easy to segregate and crack, etc., so super austenitic stainless steel is the most demanding and difficult variety of stainless steel. It is the technology of steel mills. The concentrated expression.

    Chemical composition and organizational characteristics:

    Chemical composition table of 254SMo-S31254-00Cr20Ni18M06CuN steel:

    Chemical composition designation, CSiMnPSCrNiCuN00Cr20Ni18M06CuN≤0.02≤0.8≤1.0≤0.03≤0.119.5-20.517.5-18.50.5-1.018-0.22

    The solid solution state of 254SMo-S31254-0OCr20Ni18M06CuN steel is a single austenite structure, but it is affected by the heat shoe. For example, carbides and intermetallic phase compounds will precipitate in the heat affected zone during the cooling process of hot working and after welding. The carbon content is very low, so it is mainly the TTP (temperature-time-precipitation) curve of 254SMo-S31254-00Cr2Ni18MO6CuN steel containing 0.21% N of the intermetallic phases such as x-phase, α-phase, β-phase and Cr2N.

    At present, the main application industries of super austenitic stainless steel pipe are:

    1. Petroleum and petrochemical equipment.

    2. Pulp and paper bleaching equipment.

    3. Flue gas desulfurization device of power plant.

    4. Offshore systems or seawater treatment, such as thin-walled condensate pipes cooled by seawater in power plants, and seawater desalination equipment.

    5. Salt industry, such as salt making or desalination equipment.

    6. Heat exchanger, especially in the working environment with chloride ion.

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