Colorful Bicycles Suppliers Introduces The Process Of Using Bra


    Colorful Bicycles Suppliers introduces the precautions for using brakes

    1. Slippery road: On dry roads, tires rarely slip, but on wet roads, the situation is different. In this situation, if the rear wheel slips, it is easy to restore balance. If the front wheel slips, it cannot be saved. Therefore, the rear brake must be used to stop the car.

    2. Soft pavement: The situation is similar to that of wet and slippery roads. The possibility of tire skidding is greatly increased. The rear brake must also be used to stop the car, but the front brake can be used as appropriate at this time. The front wheel does not slip as the limit.

    3. Bumpy road: When walking on a bumpy road, the wheels are likely to jump off the ground. In this case, the front brake cannot be used. If the front brake is used when the front wheel jumps off the ground, the front wheel will lock up, and it would be a bad thing to land with the locked front wheel.

    4. When the front wheel punctures: If you encounter a sudden puncture of the front wheel while riding, do not use the front brake. If you use the front brake in this case, the tire may fall off the rim, which may cause the car to overturn, so you have to be cautious.

    5. Front brake failure: When the front brake cable is broken or the brake pads are excessively worn or any other problem causes the front brake to be unusable, of course only the rear brake is used.

    Through the above introduction, Bicycle Accessories Manufacturer hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.